Spot the Number on Apple Appstore

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Spot the Number on Apple Appstore

You can start by downloading Spot the Number from Apple Appstore (yes, it’s now available).

Then have fun for hours and hours, prior to inviting your friends over and throwing a Spot the Number table party. Let them bring the wine.

Yes, the wait is over – you don’t have to be jealous of your Android friends, you can have your own share of the game.

So wait no longer – download and jump in. Let’s see if you can score better than your friends.

Oh, and do let us know if you have any problems with it. It’s brand new and needs to mature a little bit.

Happy Spotting!

Help! Aiuto! Ayudar! Hilfe! Aider! 帮助! 助けて!

We’re making Spot the Number truly global! Each nation is equally important, so we’re bringing our game to your native language.

We need your help for this. We’ve created a crowdsourced translation project at To contribute, simply register on the website and submit your translation for the selected phrase. It doesn’t have an exact translation.

 In fact, we strongly suggest you to adapt the translation to your culture.


Of course, we’ll reward translators for each language with 15000 Gold
Bars and an Atomic Blaster (a $40 in-game value).

Here comes the Google Translate version for some languages  - sorry for that :)

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So what’s new this time?

We’ve got a lot of requests from people asking us to show (as in, brag) their levels in the Leaderboard and overall Top Players charts. Well, we did just that. You can now see his or her level just below each player his or her level.

Along with this, we fixed some other issues as well. As usual, don’t forget to update (or set your App Store to automatically update your apps on WiFi).

Got a big tablet? Great!

Spot the Number Full Screen

It’s been overdue. But we’ve finally made it :) You can enjoy Spot the Number in all it’s glory on your big tablet or phone – the game is now truly full screen. That means, no more black borders on

Along with this, we’ve made other changes  - you can now earn Gold Bars instead of Coins. You have coins in your pocket everyday – not so much value in them, right?dges the e

Not the with Gold Bars –  they bring more bang to your buck, as each powerup costs less Gold Bars than Coins.

And yes, you get your Daily Gold Bar bonus – so make sure you check back in daily to raise your fortune.

Make sure you update to this version as soon as you’re notified!

Happy spotting!

Get ready to rock!

Spot the Number Powerups MenuWe’ve just pushed an important update to all stores (Google Play, SlideME, Amazon). You will want to update to this version, as it has a better Daily Bonus (yes, you will now receive Coins if you play daily – yay!) and also an updated Powerups screen, where you can upgrade your Blasters or get extra items.
Also, we’ll be giving up lots of Coins if you do simple things, such as liking us on Facebook, follow on Twitter or watch short video ads – each day the offers change, so be sure to check the Powerups screen daily!

Oh, and we renamed Spots to Coins. If it looks like a Coin, and it behaves like a Coin, it should be a named a Coin :)

Let us know what you think – and as always, send us your feedback – we appreciate it!

Happy Spotting!

Why update?

You’ve probably noticed by now that we started releasing at least a major update every week for the past few weeks. And we’d like to tell you why.
As you may not know it yet, we’re part of a great environment at Eleven Startup Accelerator in Sofia. Being here helped us understand the importance of experiments and measurements. In other words, what we do here is tweak the game every week, while we measure its effects the next week (of course, while working on the next iteration). So far, the effects were positive – we’ve noticed increases in almost all important metrics of the game (average game duration, number of active users, engagement and retention).

So what’s in it for me?” you may ask. First of all, a better game. We listen – we reduced the waiting time, implemented auto-join a running game, fixed a number of major bugs. There are even more things on the waiting list. Oh, and feel free to drop us an email if you have any suggestions.

So we kindly ask you – update the game whenever you see an update available notification (this is a general advice, for all apps and games you use).

Thanks and Have a great spotting evening :)

Go Amazon!

Spot the Number on Amazon Appstore

As we hoped, Amazon just approved the new Spot the Number version, jus in time for the weekend spotting rush. Make sure you update now to get all the bells and whistles of the newest version.

Make sure you test the new Time Booster before the competition starts – and of course, let us know if you have any issues.

Boost that time!

Time Booster Spot the NumberSo here’s a new challenge for you – try to get some extra time whenever you find numbers on the board: it’s time you meet the Time Booster!

The Time Booster charges with every number you find. As soon as you find 10 numbers, you’re ready to use it. And it’s quite worth it, since you get extra seconds (but shhh, don’t tell this to others).

To be fair, you can only use it once per game – otherwise you’ll play forever :)

So make sure you update and let us know what you think.

The new version is already available from Google Play, GetJar, SlideME. The Amazon version is still under review by, well, Amazon. But hopefully they will finish their review by Friday. So you have a full weekend to play :)


We almost forgot. Google Play users can now finally get all the extras Amazon users had before. Just go to the in game Store and check it out. Let us know if it works!

Happy spotting!

Mircea @Parudi
Master Spotter.

Spot the Number – now featured on SlideME!

Spot the Number on SlideME MarketSlideME, the number one alternative Android market for apps and game just made our day today by deciding to feature our newest update on their Store, right on the first spot! Our latest game update for SlideME has a number of improvements, such as a better performance, friendlier maim menu and above all, PayPal integration.

Now accepting PayPalStarting today, SlideME players can now enjoy the same benefits as Amazon Kindle Fire users. Getting powerups, upgrades and Spot packs has never been easier and safer with PayPal.

Download Spot the Number from your favorite store

About SlideME:
SlideME is the #1 alternative Android Application Marketplace for the world, powering over 120 OEM’s preloaded with the SlideME Market, positioning SlideME second to Android Market in terms of global reach for Android Apps and Games distribution.